B-2 Test Article 0998

The Testbed.

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B-2 Test Article 0998

A non-operational aircraft that has supported testing for the program for over three decades. It plays an essential role in the B-2 program at that time and still today, utilized to test new low-observable materials and refine maintenance and repair techniques and procedures.

Google Maps shows a shadow of the aircraft:

With Apple Maps you get more:
https://maps.apple.com/?address=Palmdale USAF Plant 42 Airport, Palmdale, CA  93550, United States&ll=34.638788,-118.072407&q=Dropped Pin&_ext=EiYpBhGpaRdNQUAxgse3dw2IXcA5EfKLXIFTQUBBvvSbLjCDXcBQDA%3D%3D - or less now.

Now: https://www.bing.com/maps?osid=f8040728-263c-4a3a-bee4-6dc8428bcfe2&cp=34.638932~-118.073038&lvl=19&style=a&v=2&sV=2&form=S00027 MSN/BING has views

Note that further development of the site is likely linked to the B-21 Raider programs, due for roll-out on the 2nd December 2022!