Aerial Vehicles Production List

Air Vehicle No. Block No. USAF s/n Formal name
AV-1 Test/30 82-1066 Spirit of America
AV-2 Test/30 82-1067 Spirit of Arizona
AV-3 Test/30 82-1068 Spirit of New York
AV-4 Test/30 82-1069 Spirit of Indiana
AV-5 Test/20 82-1070 Spirit of Ohio
AV-6 Test/30 82-1071 Spirit of Mississippi
AV-7 10 88-0328 Spirit of Texas
AV-8 10 88-0329 Spirit of Missouri
AV-9 10 88-0330 Spirit of California
AV-10 10 88-0331 Spirit of South Carolina
AV-11 10 88-0332 Spirit of Washington
AV-12 10 89-0127 Spirit of Kansas
AV-13 10 89-0128 Spirit of Nebraska
AV-14 10 89-0129 Spirit of Georgia
AV-15 10 90-0040 Spirit of Alaska
AV-16 10 90-0041 Spirit of Hawaii
AV-17 20 92-0700 Spirit of Florida
AV-18 20 93-1085 Spirit of Oklahoma
AV-19 20 93-1086 Spirit of Kitty Hawk
AV-20 30 93-1087 Spirit of Pennsylvania
AV-21 30 93-1088 Spirit of Louisiana
AV-22 through AV-165 Canx.

It is known that up to 4 airframes were created either pre-production or during the early life of the airframe to test features.
AF-4 (AT-1000) has now been modernised for display at the USAF museum in Dayton, OH.
AF-? was used and later adapt for weapons-load-trainer and testing.
B-2 Test Article 0998 has been seen.